Craft for a Purpose

It’s probably about time I posted a personal update. I’m not on Facebook anymore, I’m missing posting photos, I don’t...

Back in to the Fray, my Friends

Since the start of 2010, I’ve not been all too active in the Melbourne technical community, taking some time to...

On Online Anonymity

A quote I saw recently reminded me of a conversation I had some time ago about online privacy. For the...

When are Email Addresses Private?

“I think that email addresses aren’t really private, like a phone number or postal address. My partner thinks they...

Male Privilege is Tough, Isn't It?

At the JavaOne 2011 conference, Adam Bien’s presentation attracted one question that he probably wasn’t expecting. Shifra Pride Raffel stood...

What is Freedom?

I shared this photo with my network yesterday and had some interesting responses.

Protest sign: "None are more...
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Energy and Growth

I just sat down after tidying up after a fabulous day with friends. Today, we celebrated Ôstarâ, the festival of...

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