Craft for a Purpose

It’s probably about time I posted a personal update. I’m not on Facebook anymore, I’m missing posting photos, I don’t want to use Flickr (although I might until I have another alternative) and while I don’t need validation (I know my new elf slipper-socks rock), I like to share my creations for friends, family and more to see.

Most of my crafting has been for pure fun (seahorses, jellyfish, and more) and more recently I made myself some fingerless gloves from a wonderful yarn. Now that winter is setting in properly and we don’t have carpet under our feet throughout the new place, I knew I needed some slippers.

Truth is, I’ve never been much of a slipper person; I usually put on some socks and wear holes in them. So, yeah. Perhaps some slippers. But, you know, they’re all quite boring. Then I saw this pattern for Crochet Elf Slippers on Ravelry and knew I had to make some. Or something similar.

So here are my new socks. The beige bits are soles that will be crocheted to the base to provide extra insulation, and they’ve been adorned with paw-print puff paint which will dry overnight and be hair-driered tomorrow to give the soles a non-slip base - useful given most of the house is floorboards and tiles. There’s also some pure wool to be sewn in to the inside so not only give more natural warmth, but also to stop my feet hurting from walking on crochet knots!

Elf Slipper SockElf Slipper SockElf Slipper Sock Soles with Puff Paint

I’m wearing them now, and I love them. They’re so warm, and so elfish! And they fit like a … sock.

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