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Why access to retained data in civil proceedings should not be permissible

The Australian Attorney-General’s department are seeking submissions on the consultation paper, “Access to Retained Data in Civil Proceedings”. Here is my submission. Senator the Hon George Brandis QC By email ( 26th January, 2017 Submission response on the consultation paper “Access to Retained Data in Civil Proceedings” Why access to retained data in civil proceedings…

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You share your life on Facebook…

…and you’re worried about your Government? Somewhat related to the “if you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to fear” argument. Facebook doesn’t know my date of birth, because I have chosen not to share it. Facebook doesn’t know my address because I’ve chosen not to share it. Facebook doesn’t know my postcode, my…

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Why I Moved from Signal to WhatsApp

Signal or WhatsApp?

Signal, created by Whisper Systems, allows you to send secure, encrypted messages to other Signal users, both text and voice. It’s probably one of the major contributors to making secure, encrypted, safe communication accessible to all. I recommend it to anyone, if you’re not already encrypting your communications. That said, I’ve recently dropped it in favour of…

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How Apple can Ethically unlock the iPhone for the FBI

The United States government has demanded that Apple take an unprecedented step which threatens the security of our customers. We oppose this order, which has implications far beyond the legal case at hand.

This is my proposal for how Apple could help the FBI unlock a phone, while ensuring security for all its users. I’d love your thoughts in the comments. Preamble The FBI want Apple to create a custom version of iOS, the operating system that the iPhone runs, that allows unlimited unlock attempts without delays between retries. I see…

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Workshop Discounts

Note: this is a first come, first served offer! As I’ll be in New Zealand for the PHP Conference again, I’m offering a special discount on my workshops to the Wellington and Auckland communities and organisations. Any one-, two-, or three-day workshop running between the 5th and 7th September inclusive, won’t attract a travel cost,…

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Sending Secure Messages

For some time, I’ve had a system that allows people to send encrypted messages via a web browser. It’s a slightly modified ZeroBin installation, which is a proven and independently audited, open source platform. Here’s a quick primer on how to use it. Head to For security reasons, I recommend you type that address,…

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Is Failure Attractive?

I was invited to present at the inaugural Australian PHP Conference, and offered to give a talk on writing a virus. What ensued was the most catastrophic sequence of events. Can you imagine how the audience reacted?

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I went to see CitizenFour last night. This review contains some minor spoilers which I don’t expect to detract from your experience of watching the film; something I highly recommend you do. Checkout the list of screenings here. I wasn’t sure what to expect; I’d been keeping up to date with the information Edward Snowden…

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