Energy and Growth

I just sat down after tidying up after a fabulous day with friends. Today, we celebrated Ôstarâ, the festival of Easter named after the Germanic Goddess. A time of fertility and growth symbolised by eggs and rabbits, we lit a fire and welcomed friends in to our home to celebrate with us.

As part of the celebration, each person took a piece of paper and wrote their desires for growth in the coming year on it, or drew a picture, or both, and planted the paper under a seedling in our vegetable garden. In time, over this year, and in years to come, this thought, the intent, will grow and blossom with the plant, drawing energy from the earth.

Planting Seedlings for Ostara

Each season of our year offers us an opportunity to concentrate on an aspect of our lives or businesses that we want to address. The recent winter solstice was a time of destroying the unwanted aspects of our lives, and after a short period of hibernation and reflection spring now offers a time of renewed energy and new growth. The secret with any form of renewal or desire for the future is the intent behind it. The act of writing the desires down and planting them with a seedling is more than just a celebration; it is a symbolic act. We attract that which we focus on, and by focusing on what we want, we make it so much easier to attain.

Incidentally, this is why it’s recommended to spend most of the year focusing on what we want. The destruction of what we don’t want, and the prerequisite focus on those things, only happens for a short while, on the shortest day of the year. Now is the time to let go of these thoughts and look again to that which you want to have and achieve.

Some ideas for what you can do for your personal and business re-energisation:

  • Update your Strategic Spending Plan,
  • Review your previous year’s business plan and write a new one for the coming year,
  • Design a new product or service that you can provide, perhaps with the help of your clients - ask them what they need,
  • Call your coach to discuss your plans and get another perspective and guidance,
  • Make an appointment with your bank manager to review your personal and/or business financial products.

If you have any other ideas for growth or ways to inject new energy in to your activities, please leave them in the comments. Ben lives in the southern hemisphere, where Spring Equinox and Ôstarâ are celebrated in September. Just in case you were confused.

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