It Burns!

I remember, as a child, watching someone juggling with fire. I remember lots of fire being present in public celebrations when I grew up in Germany. I remember bonfire night in the UK, sparklers, Catherine wheels. I remember festivals with fire twirlers and more bonfires. I remember only last year going to the Winter Solstice at the Collingwood Children’s Farm for a bonfire and fireworks and being excited to see 3 fire twirlers, accompanied by someone on drums, perform.

I’ve always loved fire, whether it’s starting one, taking photos of twirlers or fireworks or just sitting in front of one with a glass of red or a hot chocolate.

So when Loz offered to twirl at our winter solstice party, and to teach anyone that wanted to try, I jumped at the chance. I was a little stiff and my legs were like lamp-posts (my yoga instructor would have been impressed) while I threw a lit staff around my body. While I might have looked like a stiff board, I loved the experience. It must have been apparent, as Loz then gifted one of her staffs to me! Some of us also decided to get together for more twirling and drumming for the new moon, and Loz made it so.

So it was last night that I stood in a park with a group of adults and children, all twirling something (from staffs and drum sticks to poi and stuffed socks).

The sound of the flames gasping for breath as they fly through the air, the blinding light as the ends of the staff whizz round in the darkness and the heat that passed round your body. All the senses get a treat. Even the nose, which smells the burning shellite and singed hair! And the best part of the evening had to be being surrounded with other fire dancers at the same time. The energy was immense and awesome. I can’t wait for next time.

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