Human Brand Management

I had a post in progress. I wrote it all up. It needed a bit of fleshing out in one area, but it was late. I decided to sleep on it.

33 sleeps later, and I’ve still not looked at it once.

Instead, I’ve been mostly working on the Facebook application and web site for Apples & Ovaries, Jo’s new business. It’s been great to get my teeth in to a project that not only required learning and research, but also has such a real and tangible benefit to our family.

I’ve also been building up the professional side of my life again recently. The tweet from a friend a fortnight ago reminding everyone that Open Source Bridge started in a week brought back fond memories of 9 days in Portland, USA this time last year. It also reminded me of the week in Malaysia, and suddenly I had cravings to present at conferences again.

The Universe, in her infinite wisdom, has conspired for Kathy Reid and co to organise BarCamp Geelong for the 9th of July. That gives me 2 weeks to prepare a talk on my Continuous Integration set up for Jo’s web site. It also gives me 2 weeks to create a Continuous Integration set up for Jo’s web site! So that’s what I’ve started tonight.

Lastly, I’m completing my rebranding (for those who don’t know me, I changed my name last year) by attempting to have my old name replaced on web sites and books (not those that are already printed more’s the pity), starting with this blog here. Comments I made in 2005 are now in the name of Ben Dechrai. Quite strange, as no-one by that name existed then.

It’s been an awesome month, mostly productive, and even though work has started at 6.30am and finished at 11pm most workdays for the past few weeks, I don’t begrudge the tiredness. Too much.

Now, however, I need to get my beauty sleep, for in 9 hours Jo and I will be walking in to a hot room for 90 minutes. Then, once I’m all limbered up and exhausted, I’ll try installing Ubuntu 11.04 on my beast. It looks like a laptop but sounds like a datacentre.

Good night my lovelies, and if I don’t speak to you again this month, I wish you a very happy and large returns for the tax year.


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