I started the new job today. I was a little apprehensive last night. And this morning. It wasn’t about the shirt and trousers, I was feeling okay about that. I figured I wouldn’t even notice to be honest. After all, I never knew what I was wearing before, so why would I notice now.

No, I think the nerves were down to the unknown and uncertainty. I didn’t know what I was walking in to. Was the grass really greener? Would I like the people? Would the work be challenging and interesting?

Well, as with most fears, these were unsubstantiated. I arrived, met a colleague whom I knew already, was given a intro to the systems, logged in and got to learning about the applications I’d be working on.

As with any assignment that requires someone to take over someone else’s work, there is more fear about how bad the existing work is, especially when it hails from 4 year old technology designed for a company one tenth the size. I was happy to discover the code is really not bad. I’d seen much worse, and this, while poorly documented, was pretty straight forward.

I left at the end of the day having written code and felt productive – a first for first days.

And best of all, the people are friendly, atmosphere formal but relaxed and energy positive. I like the place.

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