Easter: Round One

_Today is a two post day - this is post one._We woke up this morning and Button was eager to look for eggs. Jo had hidden a bag of mini chocolate eggs and a whole load of home-crafted felt eggs around the living room and kitchen last night.

Immediately I was solicited to assist in the search and acquisition task ahead of her, so off we went looking for small, shiny oblongs. Such was the fun she had, we had to them hide them all again for Jo to look for, then Jo had to hide them for us, then Button hid them for Jo and me, and so forth. The cost-to-number-of-times-hidden ratio was better than any Easter egg hunt I’d ever witnessed.

Being the chocolate monster she is (yes, I’m well aware that Button is unique in being a child that loves chocolate!), she started eating straight away, but always sharing and offering her eggs to Jo or me. She also discovered that porridge doesn’t taste as good after chocolate and tried to convince Jo that she was too full to eat real food and could she have another egg instead.

“I can’t wait until I’m at dad’s tomorrow,” she commented towards the end of the day. Ah, the benefits of celebrating every occasion twice, eh!

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