Client: Me. Job Code: Administrative Time

I’ve spent the last week doing admin work on myself. I’ve been totally consumed with a change in our circumstances that most of my waking time has been spent thinking about what I need to do. I’ve opened the filing cabinet of my life and worked out how to reorganise it to make it more streamlined.

In a strange twist, I’m finding Facebook, the devil incarnate, a useful tool in this. Some of the hobbies and activities I enjoy, such as playing pool, catching up in town for drinks with others in my industry and chewing the fat, and so forth, have always required a modicum of organisation. I had mailing lists, would manage a Google calendar for meetings and outings, etc. I scrapped those not long ago, and Facebook Groups are a great replacement. No work, no maintenance, everyone’s an admin, in your face (who isn’t on FB nowadays anyway??).

I’ve been networking; telling close friends about the change, asking some for help and support.

I’ve been working on my new web site, and in the background I’m getting ready to launch new profiles on certain social networks.

I’m even clearing out the physical clutter, with plans to sell old computers I no longer need and downsize (in both number of and physical size of) the devices I have.

Ironically, for me, you’ll get more out of me on Facebook right now - this blog is way too public for the moment. If you wanna add me as a friend, head over to my Facebook profile and do it! Either that or wait another four to seven days…

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