Yesterday and Today

Monday. Breakfast at 7.30am in Collingwood. Work from 9.00am. Lunch in town at midday. Pool with a friend at 6.30pm. Home with my woman at 9.00pm. Cup of tea and chocolate.

Tuesday. Breakfast at 7.30am in Windsor. Work from 8.30am. Meeting in town at 5.00pm. Home with my woman at 7.15pm. Chocolate rice pudding and red wine.

I’ve managed to do all my work in less time than I or anyone thought I’d need, have completed many tasks that weren’t deemed important enough to be officially scheduled, have enjoyed pretty much every minute of the last 48 hours and it’s all because of a shift in mind set. My grin is huge. My mood is light. I’m apparently positively shining. I look 10 years younger, feel 2 years older and that’s okay.

If life threw me a lemon now, I’d add it to my Vodka Martini.

I hope to have a more meaningful and informative post tomorrow.

In the mean while, I’d like to thank Jo for her steadfast support, my mother for letting me write her web site, MooMoo the cat for sitting on my lap, Button for making me smile, my work colleagues for continuously listen to me ramble (especially Tony who can’t even get away from me, given his desk is 75cm from mine), Deb for making me feel even more fantastic when I got home last night to a tidy house, the cleaners at work for hiding the coffee cups, again, and the woman at Orange for making the best soy lattes I’ve had in the 1 hour period I was there.

To the person who found $10 in one-dollar coins stacked near the back pool table at Strike on Chapel last night: you’re welcome.

I’m here all week.

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