What a Week

Well, I knew on Monday that I was a day behind. I started writing something. Didn’t work for me. I had no inspiration for Sunday or Monday.

Tuesday came along and I had something to write about. I even wrote the blog on the way home on the train, but I want to add photos. Still haven’t gotten to that, but I will.

Yesterday was my Mum’s birthday, and we had a fantastic time, went to Warrandyte, the Theosophical Society bookshop in Melbourne. I stayed up really late working on her new web site.

No time for blogging. I’ve hardly even kept up on Facebook! I’ve been preoccupied, with nothing and everything. It’s actually been really good to take a break from technology. Not because I’ve been busy with other stuff, but busy doing nothing. Dinner on Tuesday night. A meeting on Monday night followed by fish and chips and bubbly. Watching Alias (not having it on in the background while I’m on the computer).

While I’ve broken my promise to blog every day, and while I’ve caught up retrospectively in the past when I’ve missed a few days, I recognise that I cannot authentically make up for the past few days. Not only have they blurred in to each other, but I don’t want to feel like blogging is a chore.

So this post is me saying Hi again. I’ve been away for a few days (although a blog post for the 22nd March will appear soon). This post is breaking the drought that could potentially lead to me taking an extended leave of absence. I’m back and hope to keep you all entertained again.

I have decided one thing though. I don’t want my promise of one post a day to cause me to resent blogging. So while I endeavour to, I will allow myself rest times, down time, times of recuperation.

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