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3rd Saturday of the month is Mornington Racecourse Market! Yay! So off we went, only to find it's a Sunday market!

That'll explain why it wasn't on last month either!

So we went to Mornington for brunch instead. Toy shopping at The Whale followed by savoury muffins, coffee and book browsing at Page 8. While Jo and Button were off in the store somewhere, I was talking to my mum about the photos on the wall. I love the effect of photographs printed on canvas; it gives the oil painting effect with the sharpness of print. The conversation reminded me that, after reviewing my five things a few days ago, I was thinking of swapping my photography thing for another, as I didn't seem to have the passion for it any more. I'd been waiting for a quiet day to announce that on this blog.

I've gone back on that thought though, I just need to find the time to dedicate on it. I'm fine with controlling my camera, I understand the technical aspects (not all of them, but most of what's important) to take good photos, but I'm crap at composition and seeing photo opportunities.

So I've decided I need to dedicate a day a month to go wandering specifically to take photos. Taking the camera to the market or the beach when the primary purpose is shopping or relaxing it not putting me in a place where I can concentrate on my creativity.

So with that in mind, I'm going to start using my Flickr account again, and stick a Flickr badge on this blog and start publishing the cream of my crop.


I suggest that you consider joining a camera club. has a list of all Victorian clubs so you can find one in your area, which there I believe to be a couple. I am a member of Waverley Camera Club (

Most clubs run a monthly competition and I have found the structured feedback from those to be quite constructive. Of course the quality and style of the judges varies, but as long as you know that you can adjust how to take the feedback. Even if you don't enter your own images, being exposed to what other people consider to be a worthy image is good.

Not all clubs have regular outings, but I have found the monthly outings at WCC quite useful as they have taken me to placed I wouldn't otherwise have considered going. Then when you discuss with other photographers how they shot the same subject you learn a lot about composition/etc.

Hi Stephen! Thanks for the suggestion - it's an awesome idea...

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