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Hours to spare and nowhere to be

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Yesterday was a public holiday and tomorrow's Wednesday, so it was only logical to take today off as holiday and create a five day weekend. We woke up at some point, got up and probably started crocheting again. I say probably because I both don't remember and doubt we would have done anything else first!

The discussion of breakfast came up, and no-one particularly wanted to cook, so we decided to go to our local beach-side cafe and take our wool-work with us. We arrived just a smidge before 11am, meaning we had both the breakfast and lunch menu to choose from, ordered coffees and our respective meals of desire and worked on our projects some more, accompanied by great conversation , the warming sun and great views of Port Philip Bay.

We stayed 3 hours, taking our time, drinking more coffee and some cake. A pot of tea made an appearance too. The cafe staff were great, they loved seeing people chill and remove themselves from the fast pace of life, and gave us lots of space and time.


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