There was no way we were going to get to Daylesford for 10 am today, let’s face it. It’s a 2 hours drive, the Pride March was only on for an hour and a half, probably less, so we’d have to *leave* the house at 8am. On a Sunday. Not a chance.

7.50am, Jo comes in my room and says she still wants to go. Let’s do it, I say. And so, within 30 minutes, Mum, Jo and I are showered, Button’s fed, bag’s packed, cat’s fed and we’re on the road. 10.20am we arrive, walk up the hill to see the motorcade make a pass, followed by two more full circuits. We see all the flamboyance, the pink boas, Dykes on Bikes, Line Dancers, and even a Uniting Care van supporting LGBT rights. It was awesome, it lasted 30 minutes, and it was so worth it.

We wandered off to look at Daylesford’s fantastic bookshop and bumped in to friends local to the area, so went for coffee and breakfast first. After the frenetic morning, local knowledge led us to a quiet garden behind a cafe. We lazed a couple of hours away before heading back out to do the tourist shopping spree and eventually heading home for a cup of tea. And I finished my seahorse, whom Button helped name Sea Rocker.

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