Quiet Time

I’ve been struggling to find a gratitude for today, or even an anecdote to share, or something awesome that happened for this day. Not that they haven’t happened! We woke up early and went to the beach, back home by lunchtime, off to do some shopping (even the cat was starting to go without healthy food!), back home, awesome home-cooked pork salad, restful evening. I *know* something brilliant happened, but I just didn’t hear it.

You see, I’ve become increasingly aware of how much noise affects me. I went through this Saturday not hearing myself. I heard lots of talking, some of it even great conversation, but a lot of it was blocking out my ability to think.

When we did have great conversations, between the noise of idle chatter, there were distractions. For example, Button would talk to me, sometimes even asking about the conversation. That’s all fine, of course I love to chat with her, even more so if she’s learning and being part of the greater conversation, but I then lost track of the main conversation I was part of, and not able to contribute to that any more.

So if there’s something I can grab from the experiences I had today, it would be a retrospective gratitude, and one for future recurrences to come. I am grateful for a peace and silence of mind, to hear myself, to feel my emotions and to be able to communicate with myself. I have had that opportunity just now, for 15 minutes. Enough time to write this blog post. And now it’s time for crumble. Hopefully I’ll write today’s blog post today.

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