The Power of Enjoyable Work

For a few weeks now, the projects allocated to me at work have been far from challenging or exciting. It’s par for the course in my industry. Some work is crap, but it doesn’t last long.

I finished my boring work ahead of schedule today, so was given some of next weeks work. This was a project I knew well, that I had scoped changes on and been part of the process of from the beginning. Contrast that wit boring job where I follow instructions.

The second half of the day flew today, I was having fun again. Not least because I wasn’t working with Joomla. I was ploughing through the work and loving getting my hands dirty again. So much so that I missed my train home!

There is benfit in varied work; I get to play with different technologies. Sometimes, though, the work is so unenjoyable that I wish I wasn’t at the office.

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