I got up at 6am. Hmm, 6.30. I was supposed to get up at 6am.

I got up and made breakfast for Jo, Pat and myself, while Jo organised porridge for Button and some lunch for us. I made Jo a coffee and then it was time to go. Monday morning rush! As usual.

Today was a bit different though. Button came to me 5 minutes before I needed to leave; she could sense me getting ready to go; to give me a cuddle good bye. When I was then just about to go I got another, and then after I went to get a book to read on the train and gave Pat a hug good bye, got a 3rd cuddle from Button and a second from Jo.

I walked towards the door and saw the three most important women in my life all looking back waving at me. I don’t usually feel like an adult. I see myself as a much younger person, bot in appearance and mindset, but this morning was very much a clichéd TV scene where dad leaves to go to work and his family wave him off. It was so totally surreal.

And yet at the same time so awesome to have a family energy around me in the strongest way I’ve felt it to date.

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