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Feeling Helpless

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Jo's going through a lot of thinking at the moment, and she's feeling pain. She's had tons of support from her circle, close friends. She and I talk about it often and I support her through the thought process, offer my thoughts when asked, sometimes when not, and yet I still feel helpless. Helpless because I can't make her pain go away. Helpless because there's nothing I can do to make this situation disappear.

The thing is, though, I know she doesn't need me to make the pain go away, or to magick the situation away. I just have this voice, my mind, telling me there's more I should do. And in so doing, I'm also feeling quite selfish; observing my mind, my ego, focussing so much on me at a time when Jo needs my strength and support.

I'm just glad my heart's there for her full time.


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