Mixed Emotions

What a strange day it’s been today. I woke up knowing I had a pretty full calendar. I was being optmistic but knew I had stuff to do. A lot of Wednesdays recently have been less productive that I’d hoped.

Jo and I woke up at about 8.25am and got almost straight away. Jo had a Chiro appointment and we had someone coming round to look at the house this morning, so I was up and working on a simple email script for a client by 9am. Jo got home not long after I finished this task and I was sorting out some info for my tax accountant before we stopped for lunch.

The morning had gone well.

After lunch, Jo and I watched the first double episode of Alias season 4 while we allowed our stomachs to digest, and then I prepared my tax return for MooBox for last year while Jo watched 27 Dresses. Cute, but definitely glad I had financial concerns distracting me from such scenes as ‘dodgy-reporter-taking-photos-of-30-something-woman-in-various-bridesmaids-dresses’.

Towards the end of the movie, I received an email from my ex with the last piece of paperwork, perhaps, required to be completed before the hearing for our divorce towards the end of this month. Only a few hours later I will hear of another friend who’s anticipating an unpleasant divorce.

Interspersed with finance, Alias and thoughts of divorce, I’m also feeling the giddy excitement and anticipation associated with our move to the country. Jo’s also had her share of emotions surrounding the move and the difficulties that brings.

I’ve felt a mixture of progress, relaxation, anger and completion today. I’ve laughed and I’ve been flat. I’ve smiled and clenched my teeth. I’ve become lost in thoughts of anguish and indifference, and been grounded immediately by the love and compassion I feel upon seeing Jo across from me.

My eyes are hanging out of my head, and I anticipate having problems nodding off tonight. Way to go manifest a good night’s sleep!

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