A Blank Mind

I could write about the fantastic time Jo and I had catching up with Julien and Ness. We enjoyed sharing a few plates and a bottle at Cookie, a fantastic restaurant in the heart of Melbourne. We shared stories of moving house, wants for the future, travel, work life balance, food, and even heard unbelievable stories of a woman’s self-entitlement and manipulative nature. I had a really awesome time, but right now my head’s not in a place to recall it in its full glory.

I could write about my day at work, wrestling with proprietary software and so forth. But that’s boring.

There are so many things that I could write about, but my mind’s blank. The creative juices have left the building for the night. So please excuse the content-poor post today, and to all whom have had an impact on my life today know that I love you and have loved your presence today. I shall return another day with renewed vigour and energy.

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