Flexible Working Environment

My employer keeps touting a flexible attitude to working environment. Some vocal, managerial members of the company have suggested the flexibility is earned. I think they mean I need to show my flexibility before the company will show its. Anyone who knows me knows this isn’t okay with me. Both sides should show flexibility at all times, else it doesn’t exist. Itos’ not something an employee earns from an employer, nor something that should be expected. One cannot say “I won’t be flexible until you are” without sounding contrite or self-entitled.

While the company as a whole is fair, and the loudest voices are not necessarily on the same page, it felt good today to be there for 9.5 hours and only do 8 hours work. I could have argued that I was required to be there for 1.5 hours more than I should have been, but I got to email my mum, our mortgage guy, find a buildings and pest inspector to look at our new house and email the woman who bought a fridge off us on eBay and now wants to get out of it because she can’t organise transport.

I have a few misgivings about my employer; the people who represent the company, not my colleagues per se; but on the whole there’s a lot of mutually beneficial give and take. Today was a chance for me to give, and it felt good.

On a side-line, and in no way less meaningful to me, it was awesome to catch up with Rick, meet Matt and go out with Jimmy for pool tonight. I had a fantastic night guys! Thanks ;)

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