Changed Plans

I’m grateful for changed plans today. I received an SMS from a work colleague yesterday:

Ben we are going to need you and Jimmy to complete these 31 hours / 4 tickets by eod Friday. You will need to handover [sic] Sind [sic] of the tickets to Jimmy. Meeting in the morning 9am

Ignoring the unmistakable panic and ensuing grammatical and typographical errors in the message, I went to work today fully prepared to pull a long shift, even suggesting in the 9am meeting that I work really late to ensure plenty of time remains tomorrow and to go home tomorrow when it’s done. No sooner had Jimmy and I started divvying up the tickets between us, and the sender of the SMS returned to let us know that 3 tickets had been reassigned, leaving only a 6 hour ticket for us.

Turns out that the 6 hours estimated for this ticket was slightly too little, but then I’m working with a system I’ve got no clue about, so there’s additional overhead in getting used to the code base. That said, I still managed to leave work at 5pm and will have the job finished early tomorrow morning.

Now, I can spend the evening with Jo and watch more Alias :D

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