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Jo suspects she might have rubella, so I’m not going to the office today. Notwithstanding the general population at work, there’s one colleague who’s nearing the end of her first trimester. I’ve asked for the company view on whether I should return while there’s a chance that I’m infectious.

Meanwhile, however, I’m at home on my personal laptop. I had no idea I’d be working from home, so didn’t bring my work machine home, but within about one hour I had VPN connections to the offices in Melbourne and east coast USA, local working copies of my projects, my work number redirected to my mobile, colleagues online via instant messenger and my work email in a browser window.

Today’s post is short and sweet; I’m grateful that I work in an industry where physical location is no barrier to work productivity. In fact, I’m more productive at home, because I’m not constantly interrupted and can manage communication to happen around my periods of being in the zone.

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