Button: she rocks my world

I went shopping last night, and as I left, Button blew me a kiss. She even came to the car to give me a hug and get a smoocher from me. I love the dynamic between us. It’s changing so quickly. I remarked to Jo today that her change is exponential at the moment. She’s coming out of her shell with confidence and knows who she is and what she’ll accept. She’s adamant to the point of stubbornness at times. Reminds me of me as a child in some ways!

We posted a message on Facebook yesterday inviting anyone who fancied it to ours for a BBQ. We needed some company, and had a handful of takers, and some that were sad not to be able to make it. Unfortunately one person got the wrong time and another decided to clean his toilet instead. I’m still not sure how to take that *wink*

Sarah, Tariq and their two wee ones came over at about 1.30pm. They’d eaten already and we were just getting the barbie started. We ate, well. We had prepared for about 6 guests, so won’t have to cook for the next few days now. Hours went by, we lazed around in the lounge, watching Button the the eldest boy playing, working out each other’s boundaries and comfort zones. He was quite boisterous. She was very serious; at times her face said it all. That’s how she is though. They got on really well though - she’s softening in her old age *grin*

Then we went for a walk to the beach. I was still recovering from heavy food, but thought the walk and fresh air would do me good. She and he held hands! That’s so wonderful and special for her to do that. It was a beautiful sight.

We got to the beach and she ran off as soon as her pants were removed, in and out of the shallows of the wild waters. At her furthest, she was easily 50m or more away. I’ve never seen her so small in the distance! I’ve also never seen her so far from Jo. She’s always been a velcro baby, but as Jo commented today, this is what happens to velcro babies when you meet their needs. We eventually caught up with her, but only because she’d stopped. We dawdled a bit and turned back. Off she flew again. Half way back to our exit, Jo and I were hanging back as Jo was taking photos, and Sarah and Tariq had caught up with Button. Next thing we noticed was her holding Sarah’s hand. I was pleasantly shocked. So many instances of her allowing people in, letting them be close. It’s a rare and very special gesture. Or maybe not so rare any more.

We arrived at home, and shortly thereafter our wonderful guests headed home again. As the three of us stood at the side of the house to wave them off, Button came up along side me and slipped her hand in to mine. My heart skipped a beat and I melted all over the freshly mown grass.

And then tonight, just before bed, she’s rolling around on the sofa, about to head to bed and blows me a kiss goodnight. I catch the kiss and head over for a hug. Before my arms open her lips are puckered up and she gives me a smooch on the lips. I grab her, give her a big hug and another smooch on the cheek, and she leaned in to the kiss. This, even a fortnight ago, would not have happened. I’ve given her big hugs good night before, but she’s not been comfortable with kisses and hugs at the same time with me before.

This young woman astounds me. Her confidence, attitude, certainty and seriousness can be seen by all, but slowly, a bit at a time, she’s letting me see her softer side. Her love, her smiles, her passion. She’s truly rocked my world more than usual today. I’m hugely grateful for the trust she’s putting in me. I promise never to betray that trust.

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