Raw Energy

People who allude to things, ideas, masking words from emotion, have me second guessing their intent. I think they’re up to something. They’re manipulating a situation.

When you come to me, the raw, real you, you tell me how you feel, you don’t beat around the bush.

I’ll probably reel. For a second. And then I’ll be grateful for your raw energy. For your authenticity. Your honesty.

I’ve yet to meet your category 5 hurricane, I’m not sure what you’ve gotten to with me yet. You make my heart skip a beat with a sideways glance, but your whirlwinds of late make me steadfast in my love for you.

I love you. I love your mind. Your beautiful mind. Your approach to everything; the passion, the pragmatism, the kindness in everything you do. I love how you make others feel. How you value each and every thing, thought and action for what it is. Your ability not to judge, but rather to observe, accept and discuss openly any topic.

And to your category 5, if you should ever choose to introduce us, I say welcome. Let’s get to know each other, not too well, but well enough for the occasional visit. It is, after all, part of you, and I cherish you and all that comes with you.

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