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I made contact with two people today who I am going to pay to make my life easier.

A week ago I lodged an application with a court. I now need to ensure the respondent receives those papers a minimum number of days before the hearing, and was informed by the respondent that they might not be able to return the receipt confirmation it in time. So rather than worry about the logistics of doing this all myself, I reached out to a professional who has taken on the job and will ensure that all the legal steps required to be taken are taken by the deadline.

After that call, I called a friend, who has kindly agreed to be part of my team on the new business venture I’ve alluded to in recent months. We spoke for an hour, about half of that time on work and the rest catching up on our respective lives.

I’m grateful for the people in my life who help me achieve my dreams and support me through it. That goes to all of you, not just employees or contractors! And most of all that goes to you, Jo.

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