Lunch with Friends

I pretty much keep to an 8-hour work day at the office. It’s the minimum expected (you generally don’t get overtime in my industry) and while I do work overtime when required (rarely) I like to set an example of healthy work-life balance by not making a habit of it. This means I generally eat at my desk.

Today I had started half an hour early, so when coming back from moving the car (to avoid a $70 “daily parking fee”) and saw Marty and Jimmy heading to lunch, I was chuffed to be able to join them for a change. We went to the Union in Windsor and I had bangers and mash, a bottle of White Rabbit, and great conversation. I do enjoy eating at the office, mainly because it allows me to minimise my time there while maximising my productivity, but it’s awesome to spend time with friends. I think I’ll have to indulge a little more often.

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