The Critter Mousse has Gone to my Head

As you’ll start to realise, we have an incessant critter problem in our home. Lice. They love my hair, but I’ve never had them (bar once) until I started living in the same house as Button. She seems to bring them home from kindergarten and between us we manage to keep the species going. Jo is mostly immune, although does catch a handful roaming in her head every now and then.

We thought we had it mostly under control, when Button’s dad found heap of them on Thursday night, so last night she and Jo had a critter check, mousse and wash. I was meant to do mine when I got home, but didn’t want to go to bed with wet dreads, so I did it this morning. Are you enthralled yet?

So, woke up this morning at, I don’t know, about 7.30am? Moussed up straight away and went through to say good morning to my wonderful women. We did stuff and then I washed it all out, Button and I played a bit, I did some computery stuff and eventually we left for the market which it turns out wasn’t on today! Next best thing, we went to The Boyz 4 Breakie for brunch! Jo and Button were playing and chatting and Jo mentioned at one point that some adult conversation would be nice. Not in a bad way - she just noticed I was being quiet. I was, that’s true, and when I wondered where my mind had been, it hadn’t been anywhere. I do, on occasion, drift off in my own little world, but my brain had actually switched off. I wasn’t wondering about anything, no pondering going on here.

We paid up and went for a walk around Mornington, post office, op-shops, etc. At one point Jo couldn’t find her phone, so I went back to the car to see if it was there. Not long gone, Jo calls me. “Hello!” I say. “Hi!” she replied, followed by a pause. This is all very nice, I think to myself, I love her voice, but is there a point to the call? Eventually, “I found it!” I clarify “you found your phone?”. “Yes, I’m calling from it!”

Tick, tick, tick… Ding! “Ah, yes. Of course!” Even after I’d hung up and turned back, I hadn’t quite twigged what had happened. I really wasn’t quite with it.

The rest of the day was much the same, until about 3pm or 4pm perhaps. I think I’m back now - haven’t had much of a problem with this blog post, so not too switched off.

Oh, while we were out, we got some cash out, and I got this that I wanted to share. Most awesome message to come from an ATM ever:

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