Today has been a time of reconnecting at many many levels.

I’d been becoming a little annoyed with my blog, demanding so much of my time. I know - the cheek of it! I was catching up with the post for yesterday at about 3pm today and couldn’t arsed finding a photo, so did what I’d been thinking of doing for a while and changed the theme of the site. This new theme doesn’t need a photo for every post.

In deciding what to write for today’s post, I was feeling my tag line wasn’t really very accurate any more either. “A journey of truth, openness and vulnerability.” How truthful, open and vulnerable have I really been? A scan through my previous posts shows not much. I talk about manifestation from time to time, but I’m not talking about what’s going on in my heart. Am I backing away? Am I becoming concerned at the idea of letting that stuff out there, for all to see? Am I scared of being judged, or of being embarrassed that I’ve shared? Am I scared I’ll offend you by telling you how I really feel. Would I make my mum blush? (Ok, that’s not all that likely, to be honest!)

I’ll ponder on that as I digress. Scratch that. As I started to write the next paragraph I realised what it is. There are simply things I don’t want to share with you. Things that don’t need to be aired. Things that are delicate and private. Things about other people, that even if I wanted to share, would not be fair to them. Even if they didn’t mind, would I? Stuff that you might read and wonder “why the crap did he bother telling me about that” or “eww, too much information.”

So with that, I will be returning to my secret diary for the stuff that’s just not for your eyes. Sorry. I’ve just taken a day of reconnection and disconnected you from part of me. If you really must know something in particular, feel free to ask. I might just tell you. Just not the whole interverse.

So, we got up at 2.15pm today, after having fallen asleep on the sofa at 8.30pm last night. We obviously needed the sleep. We got up, had breakfast and I started putting the new file server together, which gave me a bit of grief, and then went shopping before the shops. My plans to work on my business hadn’t come to fruition yet, but the day was still young. Jo went out to her craft meeting tonight and I managed to get about 4 hours done in that time. Well, maybe 2 hours of business and 2 hours of doing file transfers to the new file server.

Reconnecting with my business has been great. I’ve felt I’ve neglected it a little in recent weeks, and realise I have a deadline of the end of the month to get it up and running. It’s still achievable, but I think I need to be more conscious of how I spend my Wednesdays now. It was meant to be for me, Jo and work. So far it’s mainly be about me and Jo, and while I won’t stop that part, work will need to feature more frequently than it currently does.

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