Sleep Deprivation

I went to work and found I had nothing booked. Yesterday, someone wanted me but I was busy, so I went to speak with them. They needed some time to prepare (what were they planing to tell me yesterday then, I wondered to myself), so I waited. I spent a whole load of time on R&D waiting. Learned some cool stuff playing with Drupal.

Finally, at about 1.30pm, I prompted this person again and he asked for a couple of minutes. A few minutes later he comes over and asks me to help Jimmy with some tasks that have been assigned to him. Really? I needed to wait hours for that information? So I spent the rest of the day helping Jimmy with the company’s new web site, which was fun.

The train ride home was uneventful, except that Jo was on the train in front of me, which I found a little amusing in a space/time kinda way. While standing on the train, reading my book, I almost collapsed of tiredness. I think if I’d been sitting I’d have slept through the Frankston and back to Melbourne!

Jo was waiting for me at the station, and we walked home, playing leap frog with the smokers to get away from their toxic fumes. Got home, ordered pizza, checked Facebook, went to collect pizza, got home, watched 2 episodes of Alias and fell asleep at 8.30pm. I missed half of the last episode too. Having had about 4-5 hours of sleep a night for the past who knows how many days, it wasn’t surprising. We woke on the sofa at about 10.30pm and went to bed. Jo was asleep before I even made it to bed.

Plans for tomorrow: work on my new business for the first time in a while and send off some documents to someone to finalise something that needs to be done.

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