Sharing in Someone Else's Magick

I went back to work today. A bit of a mistake, but it wasn’t dreadful. I managed to get almost 6 hours of work done, but my body wasn’t ready for it. I left at about 2.30pm and came home intending to go in tomorrow. I think I’ll work from home. My body ain’t up to travel just yet.

I had an awesome chat with someone, who shall remain nameless. I was reading The Magician’s Way and after a bit of idle banter, we started discussing the power of manifestation and intent. This person is manifesting physical bodily reactions to emotional issues. He recognised that himself - drugs weren’t helping alleviate the pain and there was an increase in tension and stress. He knows he wants freedom and flexibility in his life, but feels he doesn’t have the finances to support it properly - almost, but not properly. He feels he might have to rely on others or has an obligation to support others before himself, but he never actually mentioned *what* he wanted. Not specifically.

I asked him what he would do with this new found freedom and he’d like to volunteer. I asked him how, not giving him time to consider his last reply: by helping poor communities. Where: Africa. Do you travel around, or are you fixed in one place? Travel around. Do you work for an organisation, or are you doing this off your own steam? Own steam.

I looked at him and saw a twinkle in his eye. He had never visualised what it was he wanted, only that he wanted freedom from his current obligations in order to do “something else”. “I had never actually seen myself doing that, not so visually, not specifically. That’s awesome!” he cried.

In what some might call coincidence but I consider to be an awesome example of Universal alignment, I was just reading the last few chapters of The Magician’s Way (I keep linking that, because you have to read it. Seriously!) which covered Mark’s (the character in the book) moment of enlightenment as he came to realise that thoughts and emotions only serve to cover up your focus or motivation in life, the goal your subconscious is striving for. The emotions and thoughts are put in place by your lower self, or your ego, in order to stop you seeing your focus, because it’s usually not your heart’s focus, but that of your mind. This friends focus was on staying where he was because it was comfortable, but dreaming of where he could be in order to keep his higher Self satiated. Thoughts and emotions created reasons that the ultimate goal couldn’t yet be reached.

By changing his focus to Africa, communities, seeing himself up on a ladder fixing a roof, digging a hole, helping set up a new school, his underlying focus has changed. He is now striving for that. He knows that is his heart’s desire. His focus has shifted a little.

He’ll probably fall back at times, hell I know I do, don’t we all. I know he knows of magick, the principles, so have every confidence he will find his true path and look forward to that path crossing with mine occasionally. It was awesome sharing that moment with him today, to revel in the energy that came from his shift from head- to heart-space.

I finished The Magician’s Way (another opportunity to buy your own copy - I make no commission!) on the way home today and loved it. Jo told me it would be our bible, and she’s so right. I can’t wait to read it again. Right after I’ve gotten through The E-Myth.

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