Resting Up

I didn’t go to work today. Jo spent the day at home too, looking after me. I called my manager at abut 8.20am to let him know I wouldn’t be home - work’s been really great, he told me to look after me first and not worry, after I told him I’d be available if needed. I didn’t get out of bed until about 11am, and have been on the sofa pretty much all day since then. Nodding off occasionally, getting through season 1 of Alias, watched the start of a few movies which were a bit crap, watched Defendor, which wasn’t bad enough to start looking for a new movie, but wasn’t great either. Started watching Losers which doesn’t seem too bad either. Will watch the rest another time.

Jo’s home now from her evening out with friends, so I’ll sign off here. Took no photos today either.

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