Arrived in Miami

We woke at 5am, after a midnightish bedtime, left the house at 6am, got to the airport parking at 7.15am, to the airport 15 minutes later, had breakfast, went to the gate and waited for a 30 minute delayed flight to the Gold Coast. Arrive in the Gold Coast, got a taxi to our resort and found the room was available early at no extra fee. Sweet! Got in, and first things first, Jo checked Facebook to tee up some possible meetups with friends before be borrowed the resort car and went shopping for food and booze. A leisurely lunch later we went for a dip and Lucy allowed me to help her learn to doggy paddle! It had been such a long day, and it was only 3pm!

My business meeting was postponed as the guy’s car has issues, so we’re catching up tomorrow instead. We went back inside, cooked more food (Button’s eating for 3 at the moment!), watched some black and white movie, lazed around, and then I went off for my 5.45pm appointment. Everything went very well, and I got back to the resort at around 7.30pm. Now chilling out for the evening. I have an early meeting tomorrow at 9.15am, and today’s postponed meeting hopefully after 3pm. The rest of the time will be relaxing by the pool, cooking a barbie and drinking beer and wine.

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