Celebrating Ourselves

Today has been all about down time. Jo and me time. Nothing to do, no deadlines, no demands. We got up at 11.30am and made breakfast, buckwheat and banana pancakes with mixed beans and tomatoes, pink bubbly and a coffee. Once breakfast was over we rolled round on the floor trying to digest the heavy foods that our stomachs weren’t quite used to until we had the energy to get up and sit on the sofa to watch movies. We watched Elergy first, a beautiful film about love and lust, sexual possessiveness, insecurity and honesty.

Second came Young People Fucking. We had no idea what to expect, but saw it come up in the list of movies we had available, so hit play. It started off hilarious, so we paused it in order to order pizza and buy some wine. The rest was an entertaining and often cringeworthy story of five couples fucking, from the friends with benefits to the exes getting together for a fun time. Definitely recommend this one.

Although we had been thinking of a musical, we flagged that idea and went with Premonition next. Sandra Bullock plays a woman who has premonitions (SPOILER ALERT: although it was more of a time travel movie - premonitions are about seeing the future, not skipping a day, not knowing where you were, going back and having the blanks filled in). Great story that reminds that the only time you have it now. The past is the past the the future doesn’t exist yet. Live this day like it’s your last.

The last film was Dare Devil. A Marvel comic movie, it’s fun and light-hearted. Either doesn’t take itself too seriously or has some serious self-indulgence issues going on, and heavy reliance on computer graphics made me chuckle and groan simultaneously.

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