Day 21: How Do You Burlesque

Jo and I went to see Burlesque tonight. We were pretty excited any way, but we were in for a real treat. Not only did we get the musical “big stage” excitement, the drama of back-stage, fun and insightful glimpses in to the lives of the women, the men, and a story unsurprisingly drenched in sexuality, but we got a few additional surprises. Burlesque is the story of manifestation. It is the open, honest and authentic communication between people who love each other as family. They don’t hide behind their ego or emotion. It’s raw and real. It’s not conversations around the water cooler, it’s rampaging fights at the dinner table and unconditional motherly and sisterly love when you most need it.

From the wealthy businessman who knows what he wants and buys it to the loving partner who knows what his love needs to hear when. From the confident new dancer with stars in her eyes to her house mate who struggles at times with his victim mindset to fulfil his desire, this film covers pretty much every personality type you will experience on the path to achieving your every dream.

At the risk of this sounding like a review (take from that what you will), it’s no surprise that this film has come in to my life at this time. A time that I’m studying more about the magick of getting what you want, being reminded that emotion and feeling are there only to distract you from focussing on your goal, and that you can acknowledge and let free those emotions and feelings without losing your heart, kindness and respect for others. A time in my life when I’m consciously starting to practice what I believe to be true, seeing it work, and having so many events, opportunities and people present themselves to re-enforce these learnings.

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