Day 19: Almost Housebound

We all spent the day at home today. We had not plans at all all weekend, except the party last night, and while we were thinking of going fruit picking in Rye, we ended up staying in. It was excellent. We started with breakfast: beans and poached eggs on hash browns with coffee, vegged out and played games with Button, home made banana and berry ice cream, Jo read books upside down (the books, not her) to Button, vegged out some more, Jo had a nap, I dragged Button around the sun room on the bean bag, ate fruit, I read Button a whole load of Hairy Maclary stories (awesome!), Jo woke up, we got fish and chips and bubbly and went to the beach, ate, Button played in the water, we chased each other in the sad a bit, and came home.

So, we did nothing, really, particularly, but I had so much fun doing it, and got *lots* of photos to prove it.

Now getting this blog post out of the way so I can work on Jo’s web site, which I’ve just discovered probably needs a rebuild already. Luckily I’ve not invested too much time in it yet. I think I’ll do that for the next hour or so, but first, I’m going to need my almond chai latte.

Today, I’m grateful for family time, the beauty that is my two wonderful women, love, laughter and enjoyment. Jo put it well in a Facebook post: my life choices are freakin’ awesome!

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