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Day 18: Communication Skills

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Today's is quite a simple one - it's the ability to communicate at a high level. Unlike most animals, we communicate more than immediate emotion and needs.

I interviewed someone for a senior PHP position today, and we had a chat about various thing PHP related. It was an awesome chat, with both of us challenging each other on opinions and methodologies. There was no right or wrong answer in most cases, just *our* respective answers.

It was also Sarah's surprise birthday party tonight, and I spoke to Tariq for a while about freedom of speech, patent laws, continuous appeal and other related topics.

I love the ability to communicate with others at this level, to explain and have explained intricate thoughts and ideas through words alone is magnificent.

I've also decided I need to start taking photos again. This is supposed to be a photo blog, and I need at least one photos for the home page. I've been stealing Jo's for a while now. As I don't have anything for today, I'm going to leave it blank.


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