Day 16: Working from home

There was something I was thinking of earlier today that I was particularly thankful for, and I should have written it down, because I’ve now forgotten. I did a couple loads of washing, fed the cat, started on my business web site, hung our the first load of washing, did some more on my business web site, hung out the second load of washing, carried on working on the web site, and at some point before 1pm when Jo got home, I was particularly thankful for something. Nope, failing to remember.

So I’ll go with the post title for now, unless it comes back to me. As mentioned above, I spent a lot of time on my business web site today. 5 hours this morning, which included numerous database schema changes and lots of new code written. I have a set of wire frames now that I’m working from, plus a rough workflow of what happens after you log in for the first time, and that’s all working beautifully.

In a nutshell, this tool is going to help you take control of your financial situation and be able to make informed financial decisions in real time. There’s nothing like it anywhere that I’ve looked.

Jo came home at 1pm and at about 2pm we left for lunch. We walked to Seaford along the beach and got to the cafe minutes after their kitchen closed. Early. So we walked to the next cafe - their kitchen had just closed too. We we recommended the Thai restaurant so bought takeaway and ate on the beach, walked home via the shops to get some soy milk and made coffee and cake for afternoon tea.

Not long after that, Jo left for her evening out, and I started work on my Achievement Plan. I’m about 80% through. Need a break to regather my thoughts. So after that I went back to the business web site and spent another 5 hours on it.

So I’ve worked a 10+ hour day, but also spend 2 or 3 hours in the middle walking (the walk back from the shops was via the walking path near the river - beautiful, rugged, natural. Quite bizarre to be walking in that type of environment metres from a main coastal road. I’m getting tired, but haven’t lost concentration all day. I have to say I’m loving working from home. When no-one’s about to distract me, I’m certainly much more productive. Something I discovered when I worked from home for my day job.

So while I can’t remember what I was grateful for earlier, I am very satisfied with the progress I’ve made on the web site. It’s not the most beautiful thing in the world yet, but it’s certainly functional and probably 50% complete for pre-alpha testing. That’s Jo and me, if you’re wondering. I’m on track for an end Q3 Aplha launch. Keep an eye on this site or my Facebook profile for more info if you’re interested in finding out more abut the product or in being an Alpha tester!

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