Day 15: Energy - I has it again!

Okay, so we’ve not been doing a 100% raw diet, and last night we ate some of the food that would otherwise be thrown out if we didn’t, so we had BBQd veggies and steak, and promptly worked off the carbs through exercise.

Today, we had a shake for breakfast, as is normal, but without the protein powder. Jo’s wondering if that’s making her feel bloated. So it was LSA rich (and very lumpy). I slipped with a small piece of cake this morning, and then throughout the day I nibbled at a banana (only got through half of it) and a bag of nuts only when I was hungry. My stomach wasn’t full, but I also wasn’t hungry. Am I turning the corner? Jo noticed a few corner turning moments today too.

I’m not craving cheese, coffee, alcohol, fish and chips, pizza, cake. This evening we had sashimi, olives and sun dried tomatoes. I’m full. We’ll probably have a raw dessert and some chai latte in a bit. I feel completely awake and fine. My head is clear and I’m concentrating well. And it’s nearly 9pm.

Since my skin cleared up from removing dairy from my diet, I’m resolved on not going back there, and I think I’ll be quite happy on an 80% raw diet, having some cooked meat or veggies occasionally.

I forgot to take a before shot, so the photo for this post is the remnants!

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