Day 14: Mostly Uneventful

What a day. Couldn’t find my money, grabbed $10 off Jo for the train, ran for the train, missed the train, ran back home, got changed, jumped on the bike, rode in to work so as not to miss the Monday morning meeting at 9am and arrived promptly at 8.30am. That’s 30 minutes during commuter traffic from Seaford to Windsor. I’m impressed. And I wasn’t even pushing that hard.

I’m loving riding the bike again (Jo will like that, she’s been concerned that I’ll give it up and she won’t get to go pillion any more). I’m loving the zipping, accelerating, cornering. It’s tons of fun.

We went to buy veggies as we usually do on a Monday and went home, ate food and went to bed. Woke up at 2.30am, back to sleep and up again at 6.

Not a very eventful day, but lots of fun! No idea how to sum that up in a photo, and didn’t take any photos. Perhaps a massive blur? But it didn’t go that quickly. Perhaps I can dig deeper and get a grateful moment.

Oh, that wasn’t hard to find at all. Leaving in the morning, for the second time, I gave Jo the usual (and second today) kiss goodbye, and walked her over to Button, gave her a smoocher on the lips and walked out. The dynamic between Button and me is awesome right now. She’s undergone such noticeable change in a number of areas recently, and this is just one of them. I’m thoroughly enjoying her company and she’s enjoying mine. Pure bliss. Photos? Jo took tons of them yesterday:

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