Day 13: Family Fun Day Out

We had grand plans to go to the Frankston Festival today, but Jo heard about the Lego “Brickvention” Convention at Town Hall in Melbourne, so we went there instead. It was packed, and we queued for almost 2 hours to get in. During the slow march towards the main entrance, I spotted an IP address on a sticker on a lamp post which links to a WikiLeaks mirror. Curious… Once inside though, we were treated with all sorts of awesome Lego work, from lots of kit builds to awesome home-made projects. My favourite had to be the Love Boat, which was made up of 250,000 pieces of mostly regular Lego bricks (unlike some of the large kits that have custom parts) and included 6 references to boat movies including Titanic (two Lego people at the bow). There were lots of train sets and StarWars types around too. Quite awesome to see Lego geeks in their element and the passion exuding from the builders/creators of these exquisite pieces of work.

After the convention, we took a horse and cart (Goose’s idea, and a fantastic one at that) around town for about 30 minutes. Our lovely coachman(?) invited us to sit up with him so we could see the horses and get a better view. Quite surreal being pulled around by two magnificent creatures in this day and age. Interestingly (or not) there is still a law that states that any horse drawn vehicle may enter the Melbourne CBD, so if you’re looking for a way to cut right up Swanston Street, perhaps some equestrian company could be your answer.

We came home and headed straight to the beach for fun and frivolity in the sand and sea. After a dinner of sashimi and carpaccio, which was delicious, Goose dragged me (willingly) in to the water and I got my pants (trousers, not undies) soaked, but it was awesome fun. The water was still nice and warm. We then built some sand creatures (my humpback whale was totally awesome!) followed by a 20 minute run to escape the dragon (not the one that had snotted on our camp, but the bigger one) and wanted to eat us.

With the button well and truly tired out, we came home and Jo parented her to sleep while I made some raw, dairy free chocolate mousse and cottle chai latte (almond milk). They were nothing short of divine and perfectly suited to each other. A quick chat with my mum and 3 blog posts later, it’s time to turn in and prepare for tomorrow.

Today has been another absolutely beautiful, awesome, enjoyable day.

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