Day 12: Detox Blues and Birth Stories

Yesterday was a day of sniffles. This morning I woke up dried up, but only cos I was sleeping on my back. I got up and started pouring everywhere again. Just watery stuff, my body wasn’t happy. I wanted comfort food, despite knowing it would make me feel like shit. My first reaction was how would I cope if we lived in a mobile home. I couldn’t lock myself away at the other end to recover. I was feeling sorry for myself and had a victim energy around me. I acknowledged that and sat with it for a while. How was it serving me? What use was it feeling like that.

During this time it occurred to me that the hypothetical situation wouldn’t even happen, because by the time we’re in a mobile home, I won’t be getting as severely or frequently ill. I’ll be fitter and healthier.

I joined Jo in the corridor, who was finishing a knitting project while Lucy played in the hammock, and lay there, chatting. By this time my mood had lifted. I was quite photosensitive but the sniffled started dying down, until they stopped. Then the itchy nose stopped. Each change was as plain as a light being switched off. Sudden relief.

Feeling on top of the world again, we went to the toy library to get Button some new toys, back home for lunch and then off to a friend’s for her birthday party and to listen to her birth story. Met some more lovely people in Jo’s circle and some of them asked me about my new business idea; seems there’s a lot of interest building in the tool already.

Came home with the intention of going out to the Frankston Festival, but Jo and I are knackered. Button, however, is tanked up on sugar and chemicals from two rainbow muffins and a slice of rainbow cake. The colours were marvellous - not natural food colouring for sure!

So after Jo and I nodded off in the lounge while Button ran round like a lunatic, I woke up enough to have last play with her and Jo just came out from parenting her to sleep. I’m still exhausted but have had an absolutely brilliant day.

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