Day 10: Removing Emotion

There’s nothing wrong with emotion, don’t get me wrong. I’m probably one of the most emotional people I know *wink* I had a client email me today telling me that they expected some work from me. This work had already been flagged as something they needed, but hadn’t been quoted on, never mind invoiced or paid for yet. Yet they insisted that I provide it, gave me a deadline of 4 days, else they’d seek a refund of all money they’d paid me so far, which represented a 50% up-front payment for a web site which is now live.

I typically respond three times to any communication. The first time I blurt out what I need to blurt out. The second time I moderate it so it’s less of a blurt. The third time I write what should be written, something that will be acceptable. I’ve vented, and now I’m communicating again.

Jo wrote a version of what she’d say before reading mine, then read mine. Needless to say, I went with hers! I was too emotionally attached to the situation and had written something that could inflame the situation. Jo had outlined the facts, recalling the sequence of events. Both were correct, but hers was more professional, articulated the situation more clearly and left no doubt in anyone’s mind what the message was - information, not defensiveness or passive aggression.

I am grateful for the things Jo brings to my life, not just in terms of proof reading my emails, and not just grateful today, but it’s times like this that remind me how awesome she is. She helped me see what I needed to see. She held up a mirror; a slightly concave one so I could see the dirt in my pores. And she did so with caring passion and energy and without any judgement or bias.

I love you Jo ♥

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