Day 9: Working on our Wealth

Today, Jo and I worked on our five things. It was so much fun. Jo was knitting while I talked to her about how this new business idea was going to work. She told me what she wanted and needed, and how she’d want to interact with the product. I was taking copious notes and drawing shit down for later. I’d try and work her requirements into something feasible, and she crushed a number of preconceptions I had about web development in general and opened my eyes to other possibilities. I had become engrossed with the product and couldn’t see it clearly any more.

So this product has now grown and matured in to something really awesome, and I can’t wait to unleash it on the world. It’s going to be useful, educational, and for most people, life changing. It will challenge your existing views and get you to work in a new way. It might be daunting at first, but the benefits will be huge!

So I have a front page design for the new web site, more product designs, scenarios, work flows and more.

Other stuff we did: drop off the car for a service, Bec and Kim came round with their wee ones for coffee, we read lots on property investing, picked up the car and made ice cream. Today really has been the most productive Wednesday in a long time, dare I say it possibly since I stopped working Wednesdays.

Today’s gratitude goes to reawakened ideas, passion, determination, drive and increased accountability. And I had fun doing it all. I don’t want to go to bed, in fact. Back to this new business idea. See ya tomorrow!

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