Day 8: Financial Literacy

Today, I’m very grateful for the fact that Jo and I have a good level of financial literacy. We’ve done a little bit of pissing up against the wall in the last year, but a recent need to find a large sum of money has been dealt with simply and without pain or concern. By using the credit we have available to us (which we’ve recently been building given one of the many bits of advice we’ve received), we’re able to raise this sum of money in short time, without having to actually pay for it right now. I love spending other people’s money. I really do. The best bit is, they don’t notice, and it’s not illegal. What a fantastic world we live in!

Having talked to Jo about any concerns we have financially, neither of us do. We’ve both been brought up in less than financially wealthy families, and have learned that. I owe a huge amount of today’s gratitude to my mum, for bringing me up on a shoestring and scraping money together for school trips. No cola and take-out pizza in our family, and boy was that a good lesson. Splurge when you can, but know how to save.

In a funny twist, I now seem to be helping open my mum’s eyes to the wealth creation techniques Jo and I are learning. If there’s one thing I will forever be grateful for, it is my passion for learning about money, and how it works.

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