Day 6: A Quiet Day

I broke my raw diet a couple of times this weekend, but did so consciously. It’s become quite hard to maintain the diet when the types of meals you can prepare are quite numbered. It’s a little more difficult as Jo’s on a FODMAP diet too, which means no legumes, pulses, and half the fruit and vegetables you can imagine are also out. The worst part for me, though, was lunch today. Soft rolls (not white bleached though), organic whole cooked chook, avo, mayo, tomato and cucumber. Other than gluten free, I’ve not had bread in such a long time, and after eating this meal, my body shut down to digest. By shut down I mean I couldn’t get up (well, really didn’t want to), I was getting very tired, nodding off, moved myself to the sofa and fell asleep.

In the time I was asleep, Jo had time to go out side, get some cardboard for Goose to sit on, get the plants out of the car, get the gardening tools and gloves, and plant about 10-12 different herbs in the garden. I woke up because a fly was ticking my arm hair, and went out to join them. Goose and I spent some time on the hammock again, and then I did some gardening too.

So it seems I have a gluten and/or wheat intolerance that has only shown itself after lowering my total load. Before, I was probably stuffing myself with the stuff and countering the tiring effects with caffeine. Now I’ve had neither (much) for quite a while, and one roll sends me to sleep. Definitely time to give it up. In similar news, my psoriasis has pretty much gone! Dairy. Pfft.

The garden’s looking wonderful now. We had someone come over and dig out and take eight of our nine rose bushes, so we had space for herbs. We’ll be creating some garden beds soon too for vegies and fruit. The money tree’s been replanted and placed in the middle of the patio outside two doors to the house. While I’ve just read that they should be in your home, I’m quite happy for them to bring wealth to our whole property and for it to flow freely around the garden and throughout our home.

The day’s been a bit of a non event in a few ways. Totally wonderful, but nothing major happened. Except the file server’s not working, but that’s a job for another day.

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