Day 4: The Power of Manifestation

It’s an early post today! I rode to work on the motorbike this morning. Being a Friday, I’d normally go to Jo’s work place with he in the car and get the train from there. I’d then take the train home; a 1h15 ride that get’s me in just before 18:30. On the bike I can be home by 17:45 depending on the traffic. While I won’t get to read my current book today, I will get an extra 45 minutes with Jo and Goose.

We rode together, Jo in her car, and me on the bike. As we approached a roundabout, I envisage us flowing around it - nothing stopping us. We slowed, and went straight through. Next was a left turn at a traffic light. At first I saw a short queue of 5-10 cars and me pulling up along side her car and having about 3 seconds to chat before the lights changed. This vision quickly changed; I hardly had an opportunity to put my foot down, and true enough, as we approached the intersection, the lights turned green, and we continued.

After the left turn you have two lanes for about 100m, and there was a truck in the right lane. I immediately saw us both passing up the left lane and no sooner had I thought that, Jo indicated left and we passed a number of cars. Jo got ahead of the truck. None of us stopped as the lights changed to green as we approached them again.

I wondered when I’d be able to overtake the car and truck ahead of me, and knew that there’d be an opportunity at the roundabout about 300m ahead. The truck would keep left and I would pass by as the traffic slowed, pull in behind Jo and continue. As I observed the situation coming up to the roundabout, I knew that had I attempted the manoeuvre, it would have worked flawlessly. I didn’t, however.

At the next lights, a right turn, I was still behind the truck, and there was a larger truck to the left. Both lanes turned right on to a three-lane road, and I saw myself slipping between them. 2 seconds later the big truck moves to the left lane, the smaller truck to the right, and I whizz safely right on through.

The next lights are red and I start telling Jo about this. She seems very excited about this. While I understand why it’s happening, I’ve never managed to manifest so much, so consistently before, and my excitement shows.

We stop once more before Jo’s office, and from that point on I imagine myself at work. I’ve arrived ousted, and I’m walking in to the office at just about 8am with my bike gear. Back in the now, the traffic’s flowing at about 75kph to 80kph. I switch lanes and keep finding myself in free flowing traffic.

I’m no in the left lane - all lanes are going the same speed, slightly less than the speed limit and I’m getting a bit cranky. The ute in front of me is indicating left and there’s a gap to the right of me in the next lanes traffic. I position my bike to the right of my lane, intending to pass by safely when he slows down.

There are some drivers in this world who, even if their vehicle is less than 10m long, believe they have to pull out to the right before turning left on to a major road. If you’re one of them, please be advised, this is not the case. You could pull a 3t truck around this corner while hugging the foot path. Nonetheless, I’m watching this guy expecting him to pull this move, and he does. Creeping closer to the right side of his lane, preparing for what can only be a fairly daunting left turn for him, he suddenly brakes as he realises there’s a pedestrian on the road he wishes to enter. I slow down, keeping to my lane (there is traffic next to me) and pass him once he’s completed his turn, but can’t help wondering: where was my focus on just than? What was I manifesting?

I continue, finding each lane opening up for me as I approach my right hand turn. There’s a new, third lane for right turners, and the other two lanes continue ahead. The lights are green save for the right filter which is red. I can see that the light will change to green when I reach the front, but at this point I don’t know how I’ll get there yet. With many last minute decisions, I end up staying to the right side of the middle lane, indicating right. There’s only one car behind me, some distance back. I’m not going to be any trouble to him. Just as my intention becomes to pull in at the front of the queue, as I’m 4 cars away from the front, the right filter turns green. The cars pull off, and I merge with extraordinary precision and safety, complete the turn to find the car behind me has a perfect safety distance from me, and I from the car in front.

If you can imagine the sensation of creating something that you’ve been working on for years, and now you’ve put the final piece in place, having the complete object for the first time, and it works perfectly. That eureka feeling. That’s what I felt. I had performed magick.

I was now about 2k from the office, and other than managing to create a blockage by having a car dawdle in front of me, zipped through and arrived to find the office wasn’t open yet. I switched off the bike, took off my helmet and got my phone out. I fired up a browser and went to post something about this on Facebook, checked out a few status updates, including one from Adrian Pon about the universe causing things to happen because they need to (although he didn’t mention or perhaps notice that this was the case). About 10 minutes later, ready to go in, I noticed there was no-one hanging around the entrance any more. It was 8:02. I’m walking in to the office at just about 8am with my bike gear.

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