Day 2: Me time

Jo and I both need space. Not all the time, but every now and then, one of us needs “me time”. I think everyone does, but most couples don’t give it to each other. You get together, and suddenly you’re one entity. A couple. Individuality and personal needs slowly disappear. Today, Jo went out for half the day, and I was planning on doing some work on my business, or my vision board, but for about a year now I’ve been meaning to work on my dreads. So when I woke up, I decided to have a bath and do my hair. Not just wash it like I usually do, but to clean up the dreads, get rid of the fuzzies and separate the merging locks.

To start with, I needed music, so I switched on the home media centre and started playing on random. I’ve got some crap in there, and I had to skip a few tracks to get something I wanted, and I thought “how do I skip the crap when I’m in the bath?” So the next 30 minutes was spent setting up my phone as a remote control for the media centre from anywhere in the house.

I went to the bathroom, started running the bath, got a little table for my phone and the lappy and got in. I checked facebook, updated this blog a little, tweaking some of the plugins, got wrinkly toes, washed my hair and went to the lounge.

I cued up The American on TV and started working on my dreads, nibbling on nuts and sultanas as I went (I’m eating raw at the moment). With almost perfect timing, I finished my dreads with about 5 minutes of the movie remaining, and as the credits started rolling, Jo sends me an SMS telling me she’s on her way home. Perfection.

The rest of the day was great. We’ve recently started on a two week, raw food challenge and today we started with our usual breakfast smoothy (chickpea protein powder, almonds, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds, berry radical, in-liven, chia seeds, goji berries, mixed frozen berries, banana, silverbeet and water). I ate nuts and sultanas for lunch and when Jo got home we made Mixed Berry Cheesecake (which contains no cheese!) We stuck that in the freezer and left the house to go op-shopping and to get dinner.

Dinner was a platter of oysters, mussels, salmon, rib eye and olives. Not only was this raw, delicious and filling, but it only cost us about $9 a head!

A day full of self indulgence.

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