I decided to start a gratitude blog today. I spent my lunch time looking at people’s posts on vision boards and gratitude diaries came up. I’ve been seeing a lot of them recently. Jo’s had one for over a month. Another friend’s almost done a whole year of hers. Something just leapt out at me today and told me to follow suit.

I’m not going to do a year. I’m setting no time frame on this. I’d like to see this become a permanent fixture. It’s more than a photo blog, it’s my diary. Me, laid bare, for all to read.

I wondered whether or not to make it public. Who would I be serving by doing so. It would make me more accountable and vulnerable to my peers. It would help me focus on what my heart was saying, because I cannot deny that and cannot feel uncomfortable sharing that. Speaking from the mind will cause me to second guess my words and want to make sure you, my readers, are catered for. This blog is about me, for me, and no-one but me. I invite you to read and to comment. Please don’t be offended if your comment isn’t published. Many won’t. But know they have been read.

So, if it’s not just a photo blog, what else is it? It’s a place for me to talk about my feelings, share moments of my life that make my life wonderful. It’s a place to share ideas I’ve had, things I’m trying.

The next post will be day one. This is the intro. I hope you enjoy your stay. Your presence here is very much cherished and welcomed.

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