That's just unaustralian!

There’s this web site that asks people to add their 2 cents to the discussion on climate change. For reasons I won’t go in to, I will not be mentioning this site by name, nor giving you a link to it, but I wanted to share a comment I found on it.

Most of the comments include concerns about the future of the planet, the next generation of humans, and all things green.

Cameron F of Victoria, Australia, has a different opinion, pointing out that it’s “UnAustralian that we can’t water our plants & wash our toy’s [sic]”. Cameron adds “Over 100 years of drought and the best the government can do is turn us against our neighbour’s [sic] hosing their garden”.

The apostrophic abuse aside, is this person serious? Are they taking the piss? I seriously do hope so.

We live in a society that is driven by consumer greed, fuelled by corporate marketing. It is desirable to own a big car. We buy power hungry electronic goods and leave them on standby because it’s more convenient than switching them off. We buy carbon credits instead of a more economical car, green power or an efficient washing machine because it makes us feel like we’re doing our bit. Convenience is bliss - screw the planet!

People! We only have one planet, so why are we doing our best to destroy it? Until we learn that the environment is not there for us to rape and that we have a duty to look after our planet for future generations, we will continue to head down a path towards an environmental catastrophe.

Selfishness, greed, death and destruction of living organisms for your own gain - these are unaustralian.

Have you ever met any of these types that think the planet is here to serve us, that we deserve big cars, that chucking that perfectly good 4 year old TV into the tip and buying a new one is acceptable? I’d love to hear your stories…

Are you one of these consumer hungry, planet depleting types that feels compelled to comment on this topic and persuade me that I’m wrong? Chime in!

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